Personal Sessions and Small Groups

Breathing Room provides guided meditation from the ancient Yogic traditions in it's pristine form. This proven technique allows us to re-engage with our inner peace and to create the breathing room to find solutions from within.  The technique to experience real and ongoing results that facilitate inner happiness.  

Whether you are looking to improve your physical health, tune out the noise, or upgrade your life in unimaginable ways, authentic meditation can be your key.  In these individual or small group sessions, you will learn a customized meditation routine, remove the stumbling blocks to your practice, and watch your progress unfold.  


Meditation In Your Life Can Help You:

Achieve clarity of purpose

Experience higher energy levels

Sleep deeper

Increase your concentration power

Use your time more efficiently

Restore and revitalize yourself

Improve physical health and combat aging

Enjoy a content and rested mind



Duration: 1.5 hours


Brief Talk on Yogic Principles

Goals and Objectives Discovery

Gentle Stretching for Meditation

Guided Meditation and Breathing


Half Day

Duration: 3 hours


Yogic Principles and Current Science

Group Dialogue and Emotional Intelligence Skills

Guided Meditation and BreathWork

Gentle Yoga Poses 


Customized Personal Sessions & Small Group Workshops

Personal Sessions and Small Group Workshops can be structured and customized to your individual needs through an initial interview and discovery session, by phone or in person.