Workshops For Companies & Organizations

Everyone wants to work in a positive work environment - one that gives their employees a voice to be heard, prizes collaboration, and knows how to attract and retain the best talent.  By tapping into our inner resources we can perform and even flourish despite stressful environments with a centered state of being.   

Breathing Room corporate meditation workshops inspire your employees to step into their own excellence.  You and your organization will learn the science of stress removal by engaging in guided meditations, emotional intelligence skills learning, and dynamic team dialogue. 


Meditation at your Company or Organization can:

Create greater team unity

Improve efficiency and productivity

Manage rapid organizational change

Clarify thinking about objectives and projects

Spur innovation and creative problem-solving

Increase effective communication

Harmonize office culture



Duration: 45 minutes

Recurrence: Weekly


Brief Talk on Yogic Principles

Group Dialogue

Guided Meditation

Office Stretches

Establishing Your Practice

Half Day

Duration: 3 hours

Recurrence: Monthly / Quarterly


Yogic Principles and Current Scientific Findings

Group Dialogue / Emotional Intelligence Q&A

Guided Meditation and BreathWork

Office Stretches for Vitality and Relaxation


Customized Workshops

Inquire about full-day workshops and off-site retreats.

Workshops can be structured and customized to your organization's needs through an initial interview and discovery session by phone or in person.

Bryan’s visit to our office provided for a much-needed pause, allowing for reflection and restoration. Everyone in the group walked away with a renewed calm, newly energized for the challenges of work and life.
— Joe Corning, NRG
Bryan’s unique background allows him to to seamlessly apply meditation to a corporate workplace. We believe his instruction improves morale and productivity - we really enjoyed working with him.
— Sy Kim, NRG