About Bryan

My journey within and search for peace began in 1999 when I learned about meditation and its founding source, the Himalayan Yogis.  I was drawn to study in India where I was incredibly fortunate to meet a real Himalayan Yogi, one of great power and serenity.  This Master taught me directly the science of consciousness and how to achieve higher states of being.  This has led to a greater understanding of my mind, clarity of thought, and an indescribable peace.

For the last 15 years I've trained in the advanced practices of Kundalini Kriya Yoga (spinal breathing) and Surya Yoga (the osmosis of sunlight).  I've taught hundreds of people around the world these secret techniques. 

Professionally, I have spent the past decade working in large-scale solar energy for global enterprises and startups, including SunPower Corporation and PV Evolution Labs.  While the solar industry was exciting and fast-paced it was also stressful and challenging.  Through daily practice I learned to incorporate meditation into my workday routine.

Practicing meditation while working keeps me energized, excited, and focused, while minimizing burnout and fatigue.  The act of setting aside time to breathe deeply results in more productivity, and less stress.  I feel inspired and excited to share the transformative benefits of meditation with you and the world.  

Bryan gates,  Breathing Room Founder

Bryan gates, Breathing Room Founder